Mastering Excel

Mastering Excel 2013: A Problem-Solving Approach, by James Gips, published by Pearson.  Second Edition published in June 2014.   ISBN 1-269-88800-5 / 978-1-269-88800-4.  Available at Amazon.

Mastering Excel 2013 cover

"Not just another how-to book, Mastering Excel  2013 goes beyond teaching how to use Excel by demonstrating how to use it for problem solving.  From basics through the advanced, it explores the concepts that underlie the keystrokes and mouse clicks and emphasizes how they can be used to solve real problems."

For Excel 2010, Mastering Excel 2010: A Problem-Solving Approach by James Gips, published by Pearson. ISBN-13: 978-1-256-43796-3.

Mastering Excel 2010 cover

For Excel 2007, Mastering Excel 2007: A Problem-Solving Approach by James Gips, published by Pearson. 

Mastering Excel 2007

For earlier versions of Excel, Mastering Excel: A Problem-Solving Approach by James Gips, published by John Wiley.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1   Introduction

Chapter 2   Creating simple worksheets

Chapter 3   Changing the appearance of cells

Chapter 4   Simple functions and the Fill operation

Chapter 5   Operations on cells

Chapter 6   Relative vs. absolute addressing and data tables

Chapter 7   Common operations

Chapter 8   Workbooks with multiple worksheets

Chapter 9   The problem-solving process

Chapter 10   Charts and trendlines

Chapter 11   Logical functions

Chapter 12   Functions related to IF

Chapter 13   Dates and times

Chapter 14   Financial functions

Chapter 15   Random numbers and simulation

Chapter 16   Data management with tables

Chapter 17   Analyzing data using the Analysis ToolPak

Chapter 18   Solver

Chapter 19   Macros